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Summer Palace (2006) DVD-MKV [April-2022]




Solo Exhibition of the Photography of Greg & Jen Lapp The Vollnau Palace Museum has a whole section to the exhibition of the photography of Greg & Jen Lapp. The photos were taken at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney and since that time Greg & Jen have been on a photo-trip of their own. All photographs are available for purchase at the exhibition in the Vollnau Palace Museum. “Absolute Excellence” Music Festival “Absolute Excellence” Music Festival is an annual music festival, which is organized by the management company of the Vollnau Palace Museum. The first edition of the festival was held in August 2013, two years ago. The festival takes place in August in the ancient historical city of Vollnau. “An Evening with the Stars” We organize various events in the Vollnau Palace Museum, where we also have concerts with a live music orchestra. For example, “An Evening with the Stars” is an annual event, which we organize in August and it consists of three evenings with an orchestra. All stars are members of the musical society “Sinfonieorchester Basel”. It was organized by the management company of the Vollnau Palace Museum. Program During the 2017/2018 season the following events have taken place: Workshop “The Art of Traveling” The Vollnau Palace Museum organizes traveling workshops with the artist Julian Fleming (Germany). The workshops are very popular. During 2017-2018 season, the following events took place: June 22, 2017: Munich, Germany June 30, 2017: Kitzingen, Germany August 19, 2017: Moenchengladbach, Germany October 11, 2017: Berlin, Germany October 21, 2017: Stuttgart, Germany December 11, 2017: Berlin, Germany December 28, 2017: Berlin, Germany January 21, 2018: Stuttgart, Germany February 18, 2018: Kitzingen, Germany April 6, 2018: Heidelberg, Germany April 27, 2018: Berlin, Germany May 11, 2018: Berlin, Germany June 9, 2018: Stuttgart, Germany June 21, 2018: Stuttgart, Germany July 6, 2018: Stuttgart, Germany





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Summer Palace (2006) DVD-MKV [April-2022]

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